Is seasonal hair-loss a myth?

By October 4, 2019 News

If you feel as if you’re shedding more hair during the autumn months, you’re not alone. Many people, particularly women, experience this phenomenon. It was often thought that this was a myth, but scientists in Sweden have now proven that some hair loss is due to the change in seasons.

On average we lose between 50 and 100 strands of hair each day. In the autumn, this number can increase. It is not yet know quite why this happens, but it is thought to be related to the heat of summer and the extra UV radiation having an effect on our hair and scalp and so by the time autumn comes around, we’re losing more hair than we have for the rest of the year and we’re noticing that on our hairbrush or after washing.

In many cases it isn’t anything to worry about, you’ll lose more hair but you’ll also regrow more hair. But if you feel your hair is not growing back as it should, or your hair is falling out in one particular area, then it’s wise to book an appointment with a skin consultant who can assess your hair loss and suggest some solutions.

How to reduce seasonal hair loss

We all want thick, full hair, so here are some ways in which you can reduce seasonal hair loss

Eat well

Foods that are high in fatty acids will help to promote healthy hair growth and look after your scalp. Add foods such as almonds, salmon, coconut oil and avocado into your diet.

Use a deep conditioning treatment

If the summer sun has taken a toll on your hair and left it dry, use a deep conditioning treatment to nourish and protect your hair, repairing damage sustained during the hot, dry months.

Visit the hairdresser

It may seem counter-intuitive to have your hair cut when you feel it’s falling out too much, but a cut will get rid of the damaged ends and help to reduce hair loss.

Cut out the heat styling

Applying heat to your hair is one of the worst things you can do, especially if your hair is already damaged. So try to avoid using hair straighteners and curling irons. Once in a while for a special event is fine, but using these implements every day will be very bad for your hair. Letting your hair dry naturally is the best method, eliminating the need for a hair dryer. If you do need to dry your hair in a hurry then be sure to use your hair dryer on the lowest heat setting.

Book a consultation at a La Mer Spa

If you’re concerned about your hair loss, then do book a consultation at a La Mer Spa with one of our specialist skin consultants. They will be able to put your mind at rest regarding your hair loss, and suggest some treatments to get your hair and scalp into the best possible condition to encourage regrowth.

Stress can also lead to hair loss, so a visit to a skin consultant will help you to stop worrying about your hair loss which will only make the problem worse. Book your appointment today to get peace of mind.