It’s lovely picking out your spa treatments for your next visit to a La Mer Spa. You’re imagining how luxurious and relaxing they’re going to be, and how great you’ll look and feel afterwards. But sometimes when you’re looking through a list of treatments, there are some that you simply don’t know what exactly they are, and one that does tend to confuse some people is a body polish. It’s good to know what a body polish is as it’s a highly beneficial treatment that you’re sure to enjoy. So, discover more about a body polish and you may just decide it’s the perfect spa treatment for you…

The benefits of a body polish

A body polish works in several ways. It is both highly exfoliating, getting rid of dead skin cells and it also deeply hydrates the skin. These two aspects work hand in hand to leave you with skin that is both silky smooth and supple. A granular substance, perhaps sugar or salt, is added to aromatic oils. This has a high exfoliating effect but will not feel rough and abrasive. The oils have the added benefit for soothing the mind, making a body polish perfect for banishing the stresses of our busy lives.

What happens next

This is two stage treatment, so when your La Mer Spa technician has fully exfoliated your body, and your skin is soft, smooth and glowing, you’ll take a shower to remove the exfoliant, and then you’ll return to the table for the second part of your treatment. This next part is even more relaxing than the exfoliation, as nourishing moisturising creams or lotions are applied to your skin.

The end result

After your treatment, you’ll find your skin so soft and smooth to the touch. You’ll certainly notice a difference. It will feel good, and it will also look great. Getting rid of those dead skin cells and hydrating your skin will leave your skin looking more youthful. A body polish is also very good for the mind. While relaxing on the table, you have time to unwind and let your stresses and strains slip away. Afterwards you’ll feel so energised and refreshed. It really is a great treatment for both body and mind.

The perfect pre-tan treatment

If you like to have a spray tan, then a body polish is ideal for laying the groundwork for an amazing tan. With your body fully exfoliated, your tan will be smooth and even.

Will you now choose a body polish for your next spa treatment?

There’s no doubt you’ll love the all-round benefits of a body polish so why not book one and experience it for yourself soon? Click here to find your nearest La Mer Spa destination and discover our wide range of luxurious treatments and the ultimate in relaxing facilities. You could make a day of it with one of wonderful spa day packages, but don’t forget to book the Body Polish, it’s one of our most popular treatments.